They head out into a blandly shabby suburbia looking for any event, any victim, that will serve as a spark for a snowballing confrontation with authority, and give an excuse for an all-consuming mission of destruction. Hitchcock makes a show of his concealments, but only to reinforce how nothing can hide. But the spectre of punitive morality is quite literally standing behind her, Norman wearing the guise of his mother, incarnation of pious hypocrisy and stunting puritanism. No, they come breaking in the back door as Leigh goes to check on the two prisoners, a bullet tearing a groove in her upper arm. More likely that Lang proposed his twist with a common form of distrust imposed upon fantastical material; there was a fantasist in Lang but also an ironic realist, elements that would always war in his movies, and his gift to the Expressionist credo was just such a tension. Cassidy flirts shamelessly with Marion, trying to excite her with his big wad.
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Film reviews and commentary from Marilyn Ferdinand and Roderick Heath

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One reason, perhaps, why so many young men watched the film and found in its something like their cinematic bible, over and beyond its imagistic and storytelling force. Lynch also pulled off a remarkable feat in relation to Horror cinema, as he found a way of making the form arty and respectable. Mandy has a pacific sensitivity about her that lends specially charged meaning to a moment like when she stumbles across the corpse of young deer, and steps naked out of a lake with fixated eyes that seem to hold Red enthralled by her irrational power, in the best possible way. The film ends effectively if bluntly with Damien unleashing an exploding boiler in the Thorn Corporation headquarters to clear away all evidence including the luckless Jane, and he marches out of the burning Thorn Corporation building to take charge of his kingdom. But it also has strong implications for the type of story being told here, looking back to a time certainly pre-war and regarding the start of a subtle fracturing in society, a sense of intense anxiety in the face of an oncoming century and its threating modernity. For myself, I both love it and distrust it, for the same reason as it tries to speak past the front of the mind to the weird and fetid recesses in the back.
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Caligari and his world illustrated the workings of a pathological mind, an idea Psycho demonstrates to the audience in a more complex dance of artifice and authenticity. He also dragged everyone over the line with him. The Great War had cruelly torn apart minds as well as bodies through the manifold terrors of the trenches and the new and alarming phenomenon called shellshock. Such a story might also seem entirely out of step with the needs of epic cinema. For most people, the bathroom has always felt homely — if also, somehow, admonitory, stricturing. Beneath a shower-nozzle that resembles a halo, Marion makes a prayer-like gesture with a cake of soap and prepares to wash away her guilt — only next minute to be knifed to death by a succession of brutal downward stabs. Embed size x x x x Custom:
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But the diffuseness of the last act is in part a deliberate reflection of the patchiness of history: Cicatriz himself is the desk clerk. Richard and his long-time associate Bill Atherton Lew Ayres are taken aback by the plans of hotshot young executive Paul Buher Robert Foxworth to buy up land in the third world and seize control of international food supplies to ensure hegemony that can counter OPEC. A variant is Vertigo Both had become committed pacifists during the war:
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